The Vitale Brothers are Johnny, Paul, and Joey. They are artists “born with the skill” that was passed on by both their Irish and Italian grandparents. Their family business of hand painted murals and lettering began in 1992 and has continued to evolve to meet the needs of their clients, while also satisfying their never-ending hunt for the next unique project. Their skillfully executed accomplishments have included art events, set design, fine art reproductions, faux finishing, and commercial exterior painting, among many other endeavours.

The Vitale Brothers have been an integral part of St. Petersburg, Florida’s art scene, as well as huge supporters of other local artists. They have put a lot of heart into supporting and maintaining St. Petersburg’s art scene, which has helped turn this beautiful city into a world famous arts destination. Ask any St. Petersburg native about the Vitale Brothers’ 90s warehouse art shows and great stories are sure to follow.